Thursday, September 15, 2011

Extremely tired ...

Thursday is usually my let-go day.
After working 10h days on Sat and Sun and 14h days on Mon, Tue, Wed and Thu ...
The end of Thu is always a relief.
When I was younger and started teaching,
I would cry when I'm very tired and stressed to relieve my emotions.
Next then was to go drink and drink and drink and party and party and party.
I don't exactly miss those crazy nights but I'm glad I had those years of fun.
Part and parcel of life.
Getting into this phrase of life since Mar 2011 was a major change in life.
Change in lifestyle.
Getting used to working extremely long hours.
Getting used to no exercise time.
(it's easy for people to say exercise before or after work, but with myself being the one working, I know how tiring it is)
Used to at least do stepper, but my cranky knee hurts :(
Getting used to not meeting all my friends.
Getting used to scheduling to meet friends only on Friday.
Getting used to not having dinner with family on Sundays :'(
Have to work hard to get through all these to my already better future - I can see it!
One week down.
Another 9 weeks in school.
1 work week.
Submission of resignation on the last day of workweek.
I really can't wait.
Alright, I'm rambling on (just like what I told my classes today - don't ramble on and on during oral examination!)
I'm dying to get on the stepper but I'm so tired I'm just lying down watching TV and stoning.
End of aimless post.
(well, because Mich says it's now more pic and less words :) well, more words now!)
Xiaoxin :)
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