Friday, September 16, 2011

So what ...

Received an email and about some work issues which included some words of thanks to my friend for her work.
Well ... This is how it is like in my working environment.
I don't remember seeing people thank me for doing what I did without additional recognition or relief from work?
I had my class.
I had my CCA.
I had my supp classes.
And of course, I had my additional duties :)
Isn't it so-oh-common?
And when ranking comes, RO or no RO - slaughter to the max :)
I'm glad I'm reaching the finishing line this year ...
No need to be placed on the chopping board to be chopped and slaughter.
No need to be compared to people worse than me (and yet seems like I'm worse?)
No need to see terrible people.
I know I'm good, and many know I am good.
BUT that few who cannot see that - Sorry, you lost me :)
Nov 25, 2011!

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