Saturday, November 26, 2011

Devilz' Weekend Date

After class, picked Cutie and Cayla up from Bugis to Marina Square.
Shopped around while waiting for Belle and Bucky.
Bought rompers for Kylie :D and a new shirt for Kyan :D (I'm not a bias godma!)
Forgot to bring out the xmas presents and invites for Devilz and Devilz Jr.
Getting very forgetful! :(
Had dinner at Kenny Rogers and coffee at Starbucks.
Waiting for Laogong's dinner to be ready.
Buying Softshell Crab Curry Rice for him.
Luckily I caught Secret Garden Ep 3 and 4 already :p
No need to stay up late tonight to watch cable (then again, I might!)

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