Saturday, November 26, 2011

PEFX's November Dinner

This month's dinner was at Brussels Sprouts ...
Instead of the ECP one, we were at Robertson's one ...
Satisfying dinner.
Totally delicious.
The lamb shank was good.
The mussels definitely scrumptious.
The cheese was fantastic.
The wings marvelous.
The mushrooms and escargots totally tasty.
As usual, Hoegaarden was yummy.
What else need I say?
Had desserts at TCC.
Ended the night early as we were all tired!
Long day for all of us.
Last work week (ever) maybe, should be.
Last week, the busy day made it easy for me to leave the kids.
Today, the cleaning and shifting also made it easier.
Warn them not to talk about emotional issues lest my tears roll.
Alright. Survive the emotional issues :)
I can't really explain the feeling of attending the last work week.
Happy, definitely.
Delighted, totally.
Sad, no.
Going to miss my friends and kids, of course.
PS: Jermaine, I was telling my friends (again), how my kid in class always make me laugh and happy with Letitia's slang. Do it when I see you on the 26th Dec - you will totally make my day!

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