Monday, March 26, 2012

La La Day :D

I was dead tired yesterday.
I really don't know why!
Think I fell asleep at 2100+.
Woke up at 0247 to see Laogong, JR and MIL still in the living room playing with iPAd and watch Nat Geo ...
I headed back to bed.
I woke up again at 0447 to see Laogong still playing with his (their - JR and his) new favourite game ...
Of course, I headed back to bed again! :p
Woke up at 0900+ after 12 hours of sleep.

Went off to JB for our Monday date.
Shopped a bit.
Ate alot :p
Cried a bit ...
No, Cried a lot ...
Very nice show ...
Must watch! The Vow.

Back home to slack and catch up on reading.
Should be going to watch The Lady.

Great start to a whole new week.
Papa and Uncle KS is back from BKK.
Welcome home!

Also, congrats to all those who has gotten their promotion!
To those who didn't, don't be too upset, especially with so many cannot-make-it key personnels,
(fighting against the few who can), who are they to judge you and grade you :)
Life goes on ...
Remember, the girls and your friends are the ones who keep you going.
I remember how upset I was when I didn't get my 2nd promotion together with my batch mates.
And I mean SUPER upset - knowing what I did, how much I did and what I can do.
(I know, some of you out there may be thinking I'm over-confident or too arrogant, well, whatever you think :))
Thinking back, I know, I will still be upset but at least learning from it,
I've learnt what I need to :)
School is ONLY about the girls (ok, kids) and the friends,
so what if there are backstabbers, so what if the P and the VP cannot-make-it,
so what if the HODS are earning SEO pay and doing GEO work.
Life, School, Passion - dont't let it be about them :)

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