Saturday, March 24, 2012

Devils & 38z Gathering ...

The long awaited March meet-up but too had Val wasn't well and Dia was busy.
We're always hungry at Lenas! Well, thirsty too :p
Always nice catching up :) on the way there, I was driving and thinking, we've all come a long way. Except that I know Cher and 38s sometime in 2004, Belle and Cutie were from even further back in time. Happy that we are all blissfully married (or going to be) and all are doing very well :)

Chatted till they chased us out! Haha.

Reached home, was happy to see that I've mail! My mobile charm connector is here!

I broke my Tiff chain and thus decided to use the pendant as a mobile charm as it totally matches my new cover! Perfect match!
Shall rest early and Laogong and I shall attempt to wake up at 0600 for breakfast! Long weekend for us - LONG working hours! More so for Laogong! Jiayou!

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