Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Start To My Weekend!

Love the picture above - Follow Your Bliss
Great start to my weekend.
No negative forces or elements ...
Not allowing any!
Then again, even if there is, bring them on.
It will just make me stronger and appreciate my happiness and bliss even more!

As usual, the alarm rang at 0600 - 0630 - 0640 - 0645 ...
Laogong and I decided that we shall snooze longer and not go for our breakfast ...
Left house at about 0710 and it was about 5-10 minutes earlier than usual.
I had the the time to get a meal to share with Laogong from the drive-thru.

Had my yummy breakfast.
Prepared my day's lessons.
Thought of how to make today's lesson more fun.
Thought of how to effectively inculcate a game each into the different lessons.
All done.
I shall prepare tomorrow's lesson too!

Classes end at 1530 today.
I shall stay for an hour to clear up some admin work and tidy the place up.
I can go home, do some marking, clear the room, tidy up stuff a bit before picking Laogong up from the pool at 2000.

Great plans! :p

Thinking of tomorrow's 0830 - 1030 massage makes me happy too!

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