Monday, March 12, 2012

Fruitful Off Day @ JB

Servicing of car took slightly longer due to the changing of tires and stuff. Laogong and I decided to head for a massage nearby. As usual, I dozed off while Laogong enjoyed the movies.

The timing was just nice. We finished our massage and headed back to collect the car. Went grocery shopping at Giant. Headed to City Sq for a movie but we couldn't decide on one and decided to just shop.

And ... OMG ...
These two months are really my lucky months! First, got my two pink Chanels (Number 1) ( Number 2) added to the collection. It was like FINALLY ... and TODAY?! Oh gosh ... I got my Converse! Yes, yes yes ... one moment I was telling Norin I didn't want a particular pair of shoes because it wasn't branded (my footwear vision in life as of now is simply only Chanel Camellia slippers :p) , and now, I'm buying this pair. BUT ... this was a pair I have been looking high and low because of the colour! (Actually, it does have a brand :p) Gosh. Two trips to HK and multiple visits to like more than 20 shops in HK and I wasn't able to get the shoes BUT I GOT IT TODAY!

This is a superbly pinkilicious month! HAPPY TO THE MAX ...

Shall call the stores and check if the new season's slippers are in... My adrenalin is pumping as I (we, JY's too I'm sure) await the new collection!

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