Monday, March 12, 2012

To Lead Your Best Life, Do Your Best Work

From my current read:

There is no insignificant work in the world. All labor is a chance to express personal talents, to create art and to realise the genius we are built to be. We must work like Picasso painted: with devotion, passion, energy and excellence. In this way, our productivity will no only become a source of inspiration to others, but it will have an impact - making a difference in the lives around us. One of the greatest secrets to a life beautifully lived is to do work that matters. And to ascend to such a state of mastery in it that people can't take their eyes off of you.

Another part -
... a job is just a job only if you see it as a job. Some may say I'm 'just a taxi driver'. But to me, I help visitors create memories that enrich their lives. I have the chance to show people some decency in a world where so many among us long for more human connections. I get to put smiles on the faces of my customers and leave them better than I found them. In my mind, work is a vehicle for discovering more of our potential and being of use to other human beings.

Often, friends talk about how I can make more money, take more classes or teach more students. But this is not what I want, at least for now. The centre is like my hobby shop. And yes, Laogong understands what I am doing. I make enough to pay rental, to give money to parents, to pay for my shopping, to save for my world tour, to save for my future and most importantly, I make enough to be happy. Yes, that is all that matter :) Not to make more money while I'm young or to take in more kids while I can. I try My Best My Standard to help as many as I can.

Like what the part above says, to some I'm just a tutor, an ex-school tutor but what I really want is for students to be happy to come, to tell their parents they can't wait to come to my class. What I want is for them to come happily achieve not only academic help but also life skills. How to be a better person as well. I always tell parents of students, I'm may not be the best tutor, but I know what's best for my kids. Every child is very much my own child. I don't want the to simply score good grades, they need and must be children with good virtues too. To teach is not a need, Laogong is ready for me to stay at home as a homemaker anytime. To teach is a passion. To teach is a want. To spend time with children is a gift.

Some may feel that then why did I leave MOE. I see no need to explain anymore. For people who ask and dont understand (or simply think it'a all about money - Ka ching Ka Ching) will never understand even when I explain.

Enjoying a cuppa while reading. Life :)

Anyway, blessed I am. Back in Bedok, papa will help me alter my clothes and now in Sembawang, mil helps me! I'm so fortunate!

Yeah. My knee length skirt is now shorter :) Hee

Anyway, we're in JB's Old Town! Not ECP :p waiting for the car to be serviced! Shall head back to reading my book :)

Life is blissful.

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