Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy 3rd Month Anniversary

Woke up late in the morning. Supposed to wake up at 0800, ended up I only got up at 0845. Did my 3 minutes wash up regime and got it of the house in 5 minutes.

Was still sleepy-eyed and decided to take pic of just my cute Laogong. Haha. He was dressed up because we were going to attend a short talk at NYP.

Decided to change into school shoes in the car. Haha. Yes. School shoes. This pair and the other bling pair were my school shoes when I was still teaching in school. They have straps and are flat. Fit the "rule" and fit the comfort standard. Maybe also because 损友 told me she wore it out and thus 'inspired' me to wear it too. Nostalgia. Loving my woc more now. I realized that I can stuff more things inside! :p My 2 phones. Backup charger. Lip gloss. Keys. Not bad! :p

Reached NYP at around 0910. Had two siew mai to line the stomach. Haha.

Left for lunch around 1200. Nice. Good crowd. Wasn't too noisy. Wasn't too crowded. Well, this wasn't a planned lunch. Wanted to go ICA to collect my passport but realized I didn't make an appointment and I didn't want to spend too much time waiting. Decided to have lunch at Waterfront then.

Trying to be artistic by arranging his food in a different way :p

I love meringue. I love panna cota. Sweet!

Laogong is glad, extremely glad that the app on his iPad is finally working! Haha. And I shall now slack over my coffee and a new book!

After yummy lunch, we headed for a test drive. Love it! Super love it!

Headed to Malaysia after that for our weekly shopping. Quick one. Out within 3 hours.

Great day with Laogong.
Happy 3rd Month Anniversary :)

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