Monday, March 19, 2012

Satisfying Sunday ...

Time with kids is always well spent :) Could sense their reluctance to return to school. Anyone, kids or teachers felt the same I'm sure :) I pray that all kids and my friends teaching in school will have a good term ahead :)

After lessons, gave a lift to Belinda and her Ah Mah to the train station. Ever Ah Mah is really nice. Accompanies her at the pool at 11am. Accompanies her for classes from 4pm to 715pm. She doesn't read. She doesn't listen to mp3s. She doesn't play with her iphone. Such greatness of a grandmother. Reminds me of ah Mah.

Headed back to Bedok for dinner with parents and boy. Yumz. Homecooked food is the best. Love.

Slacked at Bedok till 10pm. Drove back to Sembawang and Laogong was happy to see Moomoo.

Not sure of MIL will allow us to keep it but we shall enjoy her company for now :)


  1. Yup, as much as I do not dislike the job.... I love holidays!!! Haha

  2. definitely! and well, 3 weeks to the next PH!!!! :D