Saturday, April 28, 2012

Enjoyed and still enjoying ...

Despite being at the centre from 0730 to 2000, it was an enjoyable.
Forgot to bring my bread and Laogong delivered them to me during his precious 1h break.
During my break at 1530-1600, I dashed to the neighboring salon to trim my bangs!
Ended the day's lessons at 1730 and slacked till 1900.
Marked and prepared for tomorrow's lessons.
Yeah! No need to wake up @ 0700 tomorrow!
5th week!
Laogong has no lessons!!!
Which is why I won't be at prepare my lessons earlier in the day at the centre.
Anyway, headed to Liat Towers for dinner with Laogong and his friends.
They had a farewell dinner for Peter.
Vegetarian food. Remember I went there with bb when I was on a year long vegetarian diet.
Reached home.
Enjoying myself.
Snacking and watching TV.
I'm so going couch the whole night and sleep late, wake up late!
Going to miss papa and mummy though, not going back tomorrow.
Good night all!
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