Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantastic Friday!

Everyday is simply fantastic.
Usual lesson on Friday morning.
Went to Toa Payoh to settle some errands and buy lunch for bb and I.
(The theme is Orange because my darling Kyan said that it's his favorite color! Bb and I was like ?!?!?? Why orange?!)

Love this pic of her!
Initially Kyan was in a bad mood.
Must be because he just got up when I was at Bb's place.
Saw him when the bus came and he just woke up. Hee.
After his shower and lunch and tempting him with nuggets, his mood was good! :D

Yes, those were photos taken with him and he bottom, photos taken BY him. Haha.

Left and went for classes till 1915.
Had our monthly PEFX at 2000.

Limited but quite yummy mains!
Not my first time but theirs.

Greedy and ordered more than planned for desserts.
Bought another NOW CD.
Number 81 already!

Wonderful day.
Fantastic Friday.
Great weekend to go.
La la la la la la :)

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