Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Day 090412

Started the day at Bishan Stadium. Went to watch my kids run. Miss them! Laogong joined me after his gym session. After the end of the running heats, we left and went to JB.

Had yummy rubus and prawn mee before we started our multi-shopping-centers visit :p First was Carrefour. Walked around but I don't remember buying anything. I think less than 20 customers there! Next, headed to Tesco and then Jusco. Did most of the shopping at Jusco. Haha. Played arcade too :p

Last shopping centre, headed to our usual Giant place for our massage, dinner and shopping.

Been thinking about fixing my lash extension which ultimately I decided not too. Therefore decided to try a few mascara. Today bought this Maybelline one. It's ok but still not as good as my Chanel one. Maybe I will just try adding another 2 layers.

I'm a lazy person. I rarely makeup. The lash extension made me prettier for 3 years but also made my lash botak for about 1. With that extension, I look made-up 24/7/3years. However, to harm my natural lash again, I just can't do it again.

Don't need to ask me to stick falsies. I already said I don't make up. I don't know how to do it! Yes. Also, don't need to tell me, "Your mum has a beauty salon!"

She has given up hope on me. Haha. For the whole 30 going 31 years, I did less than 10 facials. How would I even know how to make up! Haha.

I shall just stick to the same one. Haha.

Great day :) Great start to a great week with my great kiddos.

Life. Too good and too short to worry and be upset.
Life. ENJOY!

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