Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fun Day is Here Again!

Yeah! Whole day with Laogong tomorrow! He is asleep already. Too tired. So I decided to entertain myself. Stared at my iphone for awhile and decided to embark on 2 projects.

I like my simple unclothed iphone and the charm but I also miss my Hello Kitty. Decided to dress it up. (Anyway, the other day my kiddo asked me, "Who is Tiffany?") Haha. Cute kiddo.

Somehow, I find that the charm doesn't match the new clothes. Decided to create a new charm. Looked around the room and saw my hair cubes. Cut off the rubber band and made it into a charm! Ultimate match!

Next project. I'm going to name my fetish! I mean my collection :p two more pairs in the car!

After completing the photo-taking tomorrow, I will dedicate an entry to them! Looking at my photos, I realized I don't have so many pairs after all, especially now that I've sold all the Guccis, Burberrys, Prada, Dior and Fendi. Haha. Must be focused on my collection! Shall enjoy my Kinder now. Thanks Lara :)

Happy Easter To All :)

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