Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Great Off Day (as usual)!

Laogong drove me to ICA to collect my new passport.
I jumped off the car at 1102 - LATE!
My appointment was 1100!
Took a ticket and waited for my turn ... 2587 ...
The board indicated 2584 ... GOOD!
Didn't have to wait too long.
Was horrified with what the notification card said about having to wait up to 2 hours if no appointment was made.
And effectively so, I got my passport and left the building by 1106!
Off to JB we went!
Oh, we did detour a bit ...
Bought a burger from Mcd to share ... Too hungry!

Was happy to reach Bukit Indah!
A&W here we are!
We love A&W just like many of you out there!
Used to get it from the 3 Bs ... Batam / Bali / Bangkok ...
Now, the 4th B - Bukit Indah!

Some shopping before lunch!

Laogong was super happy!
Me too!
After lunch, we had our craving for Black Canyon! (another B found in Bangkok)

Left Bukit Indah and headed to Plentong Karting Circuit!
Bad congestion ...
Laogong was bored ...
Luckily I uploaded drama into the iPhone, well, not exactly what he like but it's better than nothing!

We had fun and will definitely head back for more!
First step to trying to be a professional - our own helmets!
Complimentary from Papa :D
After that, we went to Giant Hypermart near by for some shopping and massage!
Dinner was usual at Taman Sentosa!
Totally wow day!
:) Next round, maybe we can try shooting!

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