Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's April!

Fantastic day! It all started from the moment I opened my eyes! Ok, maybe not really so. Had a headache. Maybe because I slept with my hair wet. Went back to Bedok after sending Laogong and JR to the pool.

I'm a brat! :p Read the newspaper. Waited for mummy to cook yummy breakfast. Waited for papa to make yummy coffee. Hee :) Bliss. Life is good.

Slacked the whole morning away till almost 1140. Tabao lunch for Laogong. Sent it over.

Had lunch with Laogong at the pool. Played with his iPad. Haha. Took photos of myself :p Today's favorite. Enjoyed today's lessons as usual :) looked forward to going home for dinner. Hee.

Wiped out everything. When boy came home, he was like why no food! Haha. Left Bedok close to 2300 and Laogong is driving now.

Excited about tomorrow!

1. Collect passport.
2. Go-karting.
3. Massage.
4. Shopping.
5. Maybe a movie.

Yeah! We love Mondays!

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