Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy 4th Month :)

Gave Laogong a lift to Lentor where he jogged to the centre and back home. 12km he said. Headed to Taby and Jairus' place. Wanted to buy laksa for papa but he wanted to cook chicken rice. After class, headed back to Bedok for lunch before the next class! Lessons all the way till 1930. Waited for candy man to lock up our candy machine. Left about 2030.

Laogong asked where should we celebrate, and I actually forgot and asked, "For what?". I forgot about our 4th month!

Last night at midnight also, he was like, "Quick! Kiss me!" Haha. So sweet and so cute right. Please don't be sour grapes and start telling me, "Hiya, beginning only that's why so sweet."

If that is your faith, then it shall be. Hee. I believe Laogong will always be so sweet :)

Today, Laogong also gave me a bad news :( He has a 3 weeks reservist stint in October :'( Sigh ... why so long?!

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