Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Marvelous Midweek

Enjoyed 15 minutes of newspaper/tv time with Laogong before he headed to class at 0840. I slacked a bit more. Watches a bit of tv and prepared to go out. I'm going to see Caydence! Prepared something small for her. Hee. A simple card.

Enjoying what a baby does best - sleep. Then again, they are also good at making adults happy. Their smiles and antics :)

Met Chris for lunch. Grabbed some of our favorite tops :p Enjoyed lunch at Sushi Tei. We tabao-ed silly tea (Gong Cha) for our Laogongs and I got chicken rice for Laogong.

I just realized Laogong has a new layer of color!!!!! Aiyo!
Going for lessons soon. Life. Smile. It's a beautiful life :)

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