Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Fetish ... My Collection ...

I love them. No one has the right to label me materialistic :) I work hard for them and I pay for them. I collect what I like. I'm superstitious to the max and will never allow Laogong to pay for footwear. Yes, other labels you can use include Wasteful. Waste money. Stupid. Extravagant. Hao Lian. Whatever :) Whatever you like to label me or say people from where are suffering and blah blah blah :) Let your creativity flows!
My first pair of expensive slippers :) Got them at a 50% markdown. Was $700plus I think. I don't remember paying more than $400 for them. JY got them too! After that, started on truckloads of Burberry wedges and jellies (all sold!). JY didn't join me for these. Blackie did :p I got her onto the wagon with me! When I started on Gucci Jellies and Prada flip flops (all these sold too, to make way for Chanels), she joined me too :p JY still love pumps then. Hee. Kept this pair of Dior for memory sake. Don't wear it anymore.
Kept this pair because it's the only pair of shoes I love and the only pair of dress shoes I used to wear to school. Bought a pair of white ones from HK's Space but gave them to mom already. The jellies from Gucci and Fendi are terrible. Terrible to the max. Hope the new owners are loving them. Haha.
Fast forward and skip all the others. My very first pair of Chanels. JY bought them too! Blackie didn't like these camellia designs. Hee. They are my expensive slippers friends :p
I bought these two pairs together. Couldn't decide and bought both. Forgot what did JY buy that trip. I do know we regretted not getting the next pair and I had to get them in HK for both of us!
I was hesitating between Traveller or Hongkie Babe. Decided on Traveller. She has gone to Bali, Bangkok, China,Hong Kong and Malaysia with me!
Bought Sunkist despite it being size 41! Knowing how limited the slippers' stocks are, I didn't care! Just buy! Sunkist been with me to Bali thrice! Easiest to match all my Billabong and Roxy dresses :) Pinklicious is also 41. Haha. Heck it! Just take it!
Bought this pair of kitten heels for school too. To wear with pants. Casual and comfy. I'm not a formal person. Haha.
These two pairs are also for school. Rules about my previous school. Heels. Strappy sandals. Shoes. Used to be worse. Cannot even be heels. Must be heels with straps. Love this both. Especially Bling Bling. However, transparency means easily dirty too!
Bought these two pairs with JY last year. Think she bought Quilty White too. I bought both. Quilty Blue because of the pink base. We hunted high and low for Quilty Pink but it was not available in Sg and HK and Thai. Finally got both pairs for JY and I from States. Euphoria. What luck!
小红 was another purchase with JY. Think she has the silver one. Wore that during the wedding with the traditional wedding. Love it :) Now, it's the best pair of sandals to match the rejected (by my mummy) red woc. Lucky me :p
Bridey was what I wore with my wedding gown :) It's velvety / suedey. Now, do you believe how lazy and don't-care-about-what-the-world -says I am :) Yes. I wore slippers for my wedding. Expensive slippers you may say :)
I mean it. Sucky is terrible. 7 days in Bangkok with Sucky and I used about 14 plasters. Terrible. I cannot imagine why the SA told JY it's super comfy. JY finds it painful too.
Lobo and JCBling are my other non-Chanels that I kept. Logo was again bought for school. Trying to act sweet then :p and JCBling was a I HAD TO BUY. The only ever Jimmy Choo that caught my eyes. Hee.

I didn't regret buying those others which I didn't fancy or sold away. They were lessons. Haha. Some brands were so painful. Some, got over the brand. Anyway, I still have some shoes to e cleared at cheap price :p to make way for more slippers :p Check out my FB.

I hereby dedicate this post to:
-Laogong, I know you don't fancy the amount of money I spend on slippers but still, you let me buy what I like :p Love you!
-JY and Blackie for always being too supportive (like how I am to you two too :p)

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