Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bangkok Trip (not so Bangkok after all)

Bangkok is the synonym of shopping. Almost. Yet, this time round, we did no shopping. Apologies to those who asked us to buy things. As of now, we've not shopped. Might do so tomorrow. So sorry.

Only attempt at shopping was after porky burgers at MOS. (We love all the pork burgers in BKK's fast food outlets!) I had to go Chanel to check out the sandals but they are not available yet! :'( Will check out DFS tomorrow.

Other than collecting our pre-ordered items, this is a trip of love and friendship. In fact, they are almost family to us. Such hospitality, warmth and love. We visited several temples to make donations mainly for this trip. Spent lots of time with Nuch :) Met up with Auntie Joy and family twice. Thank you for the lovely dinner tonight.

Thank you for everything.

On the other hand:
1. Happy Birthday, Jamie.
2. Happy Birthday, Jan.
3. Congrats Friends who made theirs choices to leave service this week. Have a good break and do what you like. Life. It's a beautiful life :)

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