Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Nakhon Pathom Trip

12 hours back in the province with Nuch. Wonderful time. Priceless.

Nuch came to pick us up from the hotel in her spanking new Green Nissan March!

After slightly more than an hour drive, we reached the temple.

Phra Pathom Chedi (Thai: พระปฐมเจดีย์) is the tallest stupa in the world with the height of 127 metres (417 ft).

We were lucky! Some one' wish came true and went to the temple to distribute red eggs. We got one each!

Next we sampled some famous rice and satay. Visited their local daily market. Had lunch at their famous restaurant.

After scrumptious lunch was to Nuch's family home and their farms! Laogong loves it there!

Part one

Part two

More to be uploaded soon !

Early evening at 5plus, we visited Nuch's university and went to a fantastic night market selling their local Thai delicacy.

Flying ice cream:

Part one

Part two

Last part of yesterday, we visit Auntie Joy and Non at home and were treated I priceless welcoming from them. Thank you to all of you for everything and for treating us like a family.

Having dinner with Auntie Joy and Uncle Chanut family tonight (Wed). Looking forward to a great time :)

Mission today: Get my 38 / 39 from Siam Paragon and see what else there is! Haha :p

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