Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poor weather ...

Poor weather.
Always being blamed for this and that.
"Aiyo, why so hot? The weather is terrible!"
"Rain again? My clothes won't dry on time. I can't swim!"
Haha. Again and again, we blame it on the weather.

Poor weather.
However, I'm sure we're all thankful for the bright sunny days to dry our clothes as the cold rainy days to cool down the temperature.

It was scorching hot in the morning and now it's raining cats and dogs.

Mummy and papa tabao-ed and j managed to nap for 20min before heading to pool! Luckily Laogong finished his lunch and I managed to get into the car before the rain came!

Brought organic apple juice for Laogong but he didn't dare drink it :p too sour he said. The limping bird is strong. Is a survivor! It was Laogong's lunch mate just now :p

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