Monday, May 7, 2012

Terrible Fall

Was going to change and get ready to find Cher and Ash then to meet Val Val but alas ...

I slipped and fell in the loo :(
Terrible loud thud.
I sort of told myself it's no big deal and there's no need to cry BUT the tears streamed down.

The shin was in terrible pain. Worst place ever to get knock against. MIL immediately used some medicated oil and rubbed my leg for me. Luckily I used my hand to break the fall, didn't hit my head. Maybe I was too tired, wasn't paying attention when I walked into the loo.

Laogong grounded me and I wasn't allowed to go out. He tucked me into bed and I rested a bit. Felt better but the leg still hurt a little. Val Val was so nice, called me and chatted with me for 50 minutes :)

Cher also called me before Ash' bedtime but well, I ended up talking with Ash 3/4 of the time instead! It was a decent conversation with Ash! She was able to answer my questions in also proper and good English (with Cher correcting her in the background).

"Yes, not Yah. I am going to sleep not I going to sleep"

Lovely chat :)

Since grounded, I decided to embark on some projects. My deserted hair accessories, lost its elasticity, I cut off the old bands and changed it. Shall use it instead of dumping it in a corner.

Found this also! GIVEAWAY! Email me to get it and I'll mail this to you. Well, flat enough as normal 26cents mail, so FREE! No need to transfer me any money at all :) oh ya, it's a pack of nail stickers :)

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