Monday, August 20, 2012

Raya 2012 (Part One)

Thanks to Auntie Hasnah and family, our Raya gathering was at her place.
Thank you for the food and place and love!

Before walking to the pool side, where we still look cool :p
Everyone :)
Light moment of the day ...
Ash, Laogong, boy and I were chatting when our eldest cousin, cousin-in-law came, their son came ... and one gal came ... so we all started our "Hi Hi Hi" ...
When they walked inside, I turned around and asked Ash, "Who is she ah?"
We didn't have answer and asked XY ...
No answer.
So we asked our cousin!
Well, haha, his son, our nephew's gf!
Kids are growing up so quickly!

Denise loves to doll herself up with the photo app!

Raya 2012 (Part 2) when I get other photos ...
With Uncle Lam Heng and Lina taking photos,
I decided I don't have to take much! :p
They will do it!
I will wait for the uploads!
Uncle Lam Heng was SUPER FAST! 
As I was napping, I was tagged already!

Anyway, I realised Laogong and I cannot have our 2 to 3 days break in SG.
We sleep so much!
Yesterday Laogong had his 6 hours nap after the auction and shopping.
Today I had a 3 hours nap after Raya gathering.
Why do we sleep so much!

Anyway, no more holidays for awhile!
Time to work hard for PSLE!
I mean, work even harder!
All of us!

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