Monday, August 20, 2012

Sara Lee

Source of Picture and Article to read (if interested):

I really hope that Sara Lee is not over her cake businesses!
Much as she still has loads of other products,
I still love her desserts!

I didn't know that Laogong loves the cakes too!
We swiped two of the rack yesterday.
Had them for supper :p and breakfast ...
Together with the yummy coffee that mummy had made,
Perfect Combination!

Getting ready to head out to Auntie Hasah place for the Raya gathering soon!


  1. I love Sara lee too! The chocolate cake... Mmmm :) but it's expensive nowadays compared to our childhood! Haha

  2. Today we bought a First Choice (Giant / Cold Storage's in house brand I think) one, haha, will try and update you ... SO MUCH cheaper (then again, maybe that is why Sara Lee is almost over her cake business?!)