Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teacher Summer & TWFEC Swim Carnival 2013

After much planning and preparation, The Day finally came!
With much excitement and (just) four hours of sleep,
we woke up to a morning of rain!
For the past eleven years, every event that we had planned, it came with the rain.
This year was exactly what it had to be!
Thanks but no thanks to the rain,
instead of waking up at 0600, 
I managed to sleep till 0645.
The rain stopped.
The lightning alert was till 0745.
We reached the pool and was greeted with some drizzle.
Nevertheless, we began with our setup, 
with the drizzle accompanying us.
With the drizzle still accompanying us,
with faith and blessings, the lightning alert was off!
We began as planned with the support of the huge turnout!
In fact, the drizzle lasted for the entire meet and 
throughout the entire meet, the lightning alert was off!

I believe it is not myth but the truth - The Water Family
is always blessed by the rain!

The events went well and the children were happy.
Many children never ever had a chance to take part in any competition
and Nov 10 could have been their first!
We are glad we made a small difference in their lives.
We are glad they are part of our family - 
The Water Family.

Congratulations to all swimmers who completed their swim.
Congratulations to all winners .
Every single one of you made it.
When the crowd was cheering for a child to complete the lap,
it was most touching.

With an event usually planned by an entire PE Department,
carried out by an entire school, 
we did it with the help of our family, friends and all volunteers.
Every small little action made a big difference.
Thank you very much.

We are also very sorry for whatever blunders we have made.
We promise we will do better next year.

Like every big event, with much anticipation,
it came and it left.
However, the leaving left us with wonderful memories.

I was telling Teacher Jerry, 
"I think we will be talking about this event at least for the next one month still."

We are still adding on to the photo album of our FaceBook Page, 
every time I look at the photos, 
I feel the emotions and love.
I see the pride in the children and their parents.
Very touching scenes.

The Water Family Enrichment Centre Swim Carnival 2013
is definitely a milestone and an event where we experienced 
the support and love of everyonem like a big family - 
The Water Family.

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