Monday, November 18, 2013

The Weekend

Considered between Red and Purple before the colouring.
Finally decided on Red and I love it!
Totally ♥ it!
The best thing about the hair dye - the smell!
Amazingly, it smells so nice!
I forgot to ask about the brand and name of the dye.
The smell could be smelled from a distance when I saw the stylist mixing the colour.
So super nice smelling that I went around asking people to smell my hair!
Even mummy said that it strangely smells nice!

Attended Christina and Joseph's wedding dinner at Holiday Inn.
Much memories came back.
The place where Laogong and I held our wedding dinner!
I miss the lion dance we had! 
Haha :p

Thank you for having us with you on your special day.
Best wishes on your blessed matrimony.
May the two of you enjoy eternal bliss and happiness.

The table mates :)

More wedding dinners to come for the following weeks!
Almost one weekly!

The end of the year is the season for parties and dinner!

For today, dinner at neighbour's place!

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