Friday, December 6, 2013

The Merry Season

Lots of breakfast, lunch and dinner dates during the last two months of the year.
Lots of catching up :)

Been awhile since I buy something from Gucci.
Couldn't resist the pair of sneakers!
It has stars!

Spent too much this quarter at Chanel :p
Enjoyed every single piece of purchase!
Enjoyed the breakfast during the launch of their ready-to-wear.
Totally yummilicious!

Cleaned up the house over the weekend!
The best way to have a clean(er) house is to keep having parties and guests.
The house will be cleaned to welcome them!

Another been-awhile.
I have been obsessed with Chanel Le Vernis but they do not have it in silver.
Decided to buy one!
For the sake of Jo's theme during her Silver Anniversary Party! :p
Only for Jo!

With more good moments to come, 
this is The Merry Season.

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