Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thank You

I'm always grateful and thankful and of course especially grateful nearing Thanksgiving. 
Thankful for my Parents , Laogong, Bro & Family of course,  no one can compare to them. For everything they have done and they did not. Family is always the best. 
Thankful for Friends who are kind, non-judgemental and also understand friendship. To those who are nothing like that, big thank you too! For highlighting the true friends. True friends, thank you. You're like my second Family for putting in so much effort in the friendship. 
Thankful for the Children (and supportive parents) I've taught,  for without you,  my ambition would not have been fulfilled and my passion would not have continue burning. 
Thank you for the life I've. Blessed I know I am and I try to be nice and return to the community. 

Thank you 2013 especially, yet another great year! One year ago,  we got our first set of keys to the house. One year later, now,  I'm sitting at the porch,  sipping coffee,  writing this post. Life. Thank you for treating me so nicely. It's been fantastic! 

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