Saturday, April 12, 2014

TGIF @ Coffee Club & Cafe Iguana

Another great Friday.
Extremely good, in fact.
Went back to school to catch up with some ex-colleagues 
and had lunch with IJ Pals before their Excel Fest.

Had tea and coffee (I really had one each) with my ex-student.
Can't believe that all these kids, are no longer kids.
After which, finally the car is done and Laogong sent me
to collect the car.
Very happy that I only have to pay a quarter of the expected price.

Was the first to arrive at Cafe Iguana for our date with the gals.
Margaritas, yumz!

We had strawberry, blueberry and mango!

Our usual-must-take-selfie and of course,
a group shot.

Another great night out.

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