Saturday, April 5, 2014

TGIF @ Southaven & Arteastiq

I was extremely early for our monthly meet-up and decided to shop around Ion on my own.
Walked into Valentino unwittingly and these called out to me.
I really wanted the middle pair but they didn't have it in my size.
I settled for the pink.

Couldn't wait.
Changed into them immediately.

Shopped around a bit more to realised that Southaven was not where it should be.
Finally Google-d it and went over to Wheelock.
Waited for my Devilz family to arrive at Coffee Club .
Made a wrong choice with my coffee.
Too sweet!

Chatted at the place for about an hour before we moved on to Southaven where Belle and I shopped and Cutie and Bucky waited.

I like this collage of us!

Walked over to Arteastiq @ Mandarin Gallery for dinner.

I like mine.
They didn't.
So, remember, Arteastiq is more of a place for breakfast and desserts.

Chicken Chop
Saucy Housewife

Ended the night at Paragon's Coffeebean.
Thank you, Devilz.
The once-a-month means so much :)

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