Saturday, September 13, 2014

TGIF in Town with 最爱损友

Finally JY has time to meet me! 
Decided not to drive as we would be in town the entire time,
Laogong sent me to town.
Wore the few pieces of accessories that still fitted my wrist.
So many pieces of them were tight :(
We had high tea at Arteastiq.
I remembered that the breakfast sets were good too.
However, the dinner was disappointing when I had it with my Devilz.

After high tea, headed over to Takashimaya for some shopping.
Thank you for the gift to #jsolympicchampion, Auntie Zoelyn.
We were rather disciplined and left with NO black or orange paper bags.
Well done!
Walked over to Paragon but didn't manage to get my Bambi slippers from Givenchy
and I didn't give in to the Rottweiler ones!
Another Well done!
However, I think it has to do with the tired feet.
Chanel jellies aren't made for preggers.
Decided to walk further down for the last stop of shopping 
at Far East Plaza.
Had dinner at Saveur!
We reached before 1830 and there was no queue! 
They were also nice enough to give us a more spacious seat for the *3 of us.
We wore twinsies slippers BUT
after shopping, it was too painful.
I had to buy a new change of slippers to change into.
Time flies.
Today is the 2nd last full Saturday I am teaching before I start my full blown
"Enjoy while I can mode".
Laogong has been very sweet though.
Telling me that I can still go out and I can still lead a partial carefree life.
I know I know.
SO MANY people told me it is not possible and I will not bear to.
Well, who is to say what my life is to turn out and who is to say, 
judge and define what a good mother is?

Happy Weekend!

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