Wednesday, October 1, 2014


So many things to blog about!

Sep14: Attended Josh' full month celebration.
Met up with some ex-colleagues.
Always happy to attend gatherings!
Dear Josh, grow up happy and healthy!
Wait for Olympia to play with you!

Sep 15: Went to service the car, see Olympia and shopping at Takashimaya with Laogong.
We managed to buy a Hello Kitty wearing bikini/tankini and goggles!
So apt for Olympia!

Sep 19: PEFX meetup at Sun with Moon.
El did not join us.
Hope all of us are healthy!
Take care!

Sep 21: Met Nui for lunch in town.
And we had our 'memory food'.
Sort of what we had when we met for the first time at Skyve!
Of course, we also did our shopping!
Shopping is always love!

Sep 22: Started my Low GI Diet to make sure my sugar level does not go rocket high.
Had brunch with Laogong at my current new fav (because it has grilled chicken is a safe food now):
Moonlight Cafe!
Had steamboat dinner at home that night.
Healthier choice ...

Sep 24: Finally the Sup Tulang is nearer to us!
No need to go to Jln Petrie to eat (nearer to City Sq).
Laogong said it is still yumz!

Sep 27: Olympia is 28 Weeks old!

I didn't really buy a Polaroid to celebrate anything.
Haha, I just thought of getting a new one.
The mini was too small.
Love this Fujifilm Instax 210 - Wide Film!
Big pic!
I like!
Though I am going a bit overboard - buy buy buy!

So much fun!

Sep 29: Had a great day with Laogong at Bt Indah.
Lunch. Shopped. Slacked. Shopped. Movie. Dinner.
Perfect Day!

Love the movie!
Cried buckets!
Even better than the previous movie by 九把刀.

Sep 30: Was driving home along BKE after an early day.
Laogong and I were discussing what to eat when suddenly two motorcyclists collided in front of us and they were flung from the centre lane to the road shoulder.
Instinctively, my Iron-man turned on the hazard lights and got down to help the casualties while I called for the ambulance.
With our first aid kit, we tried to help the uncle with more cuts first.
The ambulance came speedily.
A few other motorcyclists stopped by to help with the other casualty, divert traffic, etc
One of the casualty was sent to the hospital while the uncle refused.
We found out that he stay a few Tamans away from us, so we offered to send him back.
Their bikes were still on the road, waiting for LTA to tow them away.
The police came.
LTA came.
Olympia and I were pretty hungry by then, glad I had milk in the car!
As eye-witnesses, we still have to follow behind LTA so that we know where Uncle's bike will be towed to.
We had to bring uncle to the polica station to make a report and our report.
Then finally at 9+, we were on our way home.
Sent uncle to the clinic where his wife was waiting.
Our good deed is completed!
I always tell Laogong,
we are very blessed.
When it is our turn to help, we have to do our best to help people.
Lucky and blessed we are to be able to help.
Oct 1: Returned home after breakfast and all four dogs are bored / sleepy!
Early morning boredom!
So cute

Have a great October!

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