Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Eating Healthily for Olympia (and myself)

Glad to find the Pacific Chicken Broth.
Solved a lot of hassle and saved a lot of time!
Decided to use the broth and Essence of Chicken to cook the chicken.
Laogong has been going to the market diligently to buy me fresh chicken, salmon and cod fish.
They are mainly my staples now.

Based on instincts, haha, I added the broth and two bottles of essence.
Boiled it and then simmered it for about 15 minutes.
The smell was very good.
This method is really hassle-free!
I don't even have to season / marinate the chicken.
While simmering it, the chicken will absorb the taste of the broth and the essence.

Simple low carbohydrate dish.
Think the highest sugar content dish is the apple!
I didn't eat the whole apple.
Hehe, I have a third of it to Charcoal.
And to aid in my burping (I don't know how to burp!),
Perrier is a good friend.
Carbonated and no sugar.
Ended the meal with a pot of decaf tea
while watching my drama series.
Safe for pregnancy.
If not for Olympia, I'll still be eating unhealthily.
Well, good that I am eating healthily, losing weight while being pregnant,
baby gaining weight still.
Shall attempt to keep to this healthy diet after confinement!

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