Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More of your things, Olympia!

1. Your playpen is ready in our SA home! It's so pink! I 's currently in our bedroom but we'll pinkify your room soon! Need to get that Queen size Hello Kitty covers and stuff. Oh yes, we also need to set up and do up your cot in Estuary.

2. Papa woke up from his nap (he had a bad headache) at 2300 and insisted on fixing up your pp even though I asked him to continue sleeping. 

3. Today, Papa was also happy to find you The Chair! We both had that when we're young. Kind of surprise to know it cost so much but well,  it's handmade and most importantly, it's for you! 

4. I bought Papa a magnet. I'm sure he'll be your First Love :)  He sure is going to dote on you! 

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