Friday, October 31, 2014

End of Week 32 ... It's Week 33!

My dear Olympia, 
it's Halloween!
No, we are not celebrating it and we are not going for treats or tricks.
It's just a fun photo that mummy made.
And such coincidence that mummy decided to wear 
her Snoopy t-shirt and there are Snoopy stickers!

Papa has a precious off day today!
Friday - fifth week!
We went out for breakfast and after that decided 
to wash some of your clothes.
Hand-washed some, especially the reds and fushia pinks ...
Realised the colours did not run!
Means the next time, we can simply machine-wash them!

Check out your furry bro - Charcoal, guarding your clothes.
He really enjoyed that because he suntanned at the same time!
Your furry bro thinks he is a beach boy, 
I mean beach dog...
Always suntanning!

Will do one more round of clothes washing for you next week,
my dear Olympia!

Lots Love!

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