Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mon - Wed of Week 32 with Olympia...

Monday 27/11
Hello, my dear Olympia ... 
How are you inside mummy?
I think the space is a big congested?
Hang in there, a couple more weeks to go!
After a 4-hour nap at Popo's house yesterday,
I couldn't sleep last night.
Chatted on Line with Auntie Mermaid for a while, 
shopped online for awhile,
Chatted with Auntie Zoelyn for almost 2h ...
Finally, I think I fell asleep before 3am.
I think the aching body contributed to the insomnia.
Mummy and Papa relaxed the morning away.
We had tea and watched drama as usual.
(I think this morning alone, 
Mummy watched 4 different drama series latest episodes.
Papa watched 飞虎2 with me)
And now, I'm so bored again.
Watching Catch-Up TV: 绝对Superstar.
It's not all play and no work.
I did prepare some updated materials for the jie jies and kor kors 
coming for the Secondary One Preparatory Classes.
In between, Mummy and Papa went out for lunch 
and some grocery shopping.
Wanted to buy the mattress for your cot
and playpen but could not decide on suitable ones yet.
Will get them these two weeks.
Mummy had her first coconut today.
Absolutely yummy!
At night, we were clearing out the storeroom and papa's office.
Threw some.
Sold some.
Make way for even more space in our house.

Tuesday 28/10

This is mummy's rest week and there is no lesson.
Papa went to the market as usual to buy mummy fresh food to cook.
Yesterday, mummy had grilled chicken, so today, 
I decided to cook the chicken drumstick in 
chicken broth and chicken essence.
Today was yet another simple and blissful day.
Papa and mummy went to Tesco to buy coconuts for Popo and mummy.
Also bought some stuff for you.
Spent the afternoon watching more drama series  and slacking away.
Chatted on Line with Auntie Chris and Auntie Carol for awhile.
Papa had two lessons today and I decided to follow him back to Estuary.
Mummy also swam and then we had dinner.
Ah Mah cooked dinner for us.
Of course, mummy had her daily dose of birds nest from Ah Mah too.

Oh yes!
Mummy received the tulle skirt she ordered yesterday! 
Absolutely loving it.
Perfect match for your skirt!
So excited.
Maybe we can wear this for CNY!

Wednesday 29/10
Mummy sent papa to the airport early this morning.
It's supposedly our monthly trip to make merit in Bangkok.
However, Olympia, you are growing much bigger 
(Well done! Good job and Keep it up!),
mummy could not fly with papa.
Off he went to make merit, conduct a lesson and shop for us! 
It's 10.52 a.m. now, mummy will be going shower and change 
so that we can meet you Godmama Ni for lunch soon!
Entry to be continued later! 

It's a whopping nine hours that mummy has been out!
Not really tired, maybe because the actual walking
and shopping is only about three hours?
Met your Godmama Ni at One Raffles Place for Paris Baguette.
You must be very excited to be kicking all the time
because you are with Godma.
See how pretty your Godma is!
We also shopped around a bit and Mummy bought 
you some white pieces.
Love them!

(Just now, Auntie Shar also bought you clothes, again!)
When Godma left, I shopped around a bit more before heading
to do my nails and lash extension.
You see, mummy is really a vain mummy :p

After these two appointments, 
Mummy was checking the phone and realised that
Auntie Marj, Shar, Daze & Irene were at Ikea!
Well, mummy decided to go join them!

It is always fun meeting up with mummy's friends!
You have been a good girl also.
You kicked and wriggled around as usual but you
did not cause too much uncomfy moments for mummy.
Good girl, Olympia!

Papa just messaged mummy.
He boarded the plane already.
He also bought a lot of things for you and for mummy!
Mummy just realised that actually I could have gone with papa!
However it was also good that I did not.
In Bkk, mummy won't be able to keep sitting and resting.
Any walk more than one hour makes mummy tired.

Mummy shall now watch drama and slack and unpack more shopping loot.
We will go to the airport after midnight to pick up papa.

Rest well for a while, Olympia,
before we head out again!

Lots Love.

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