Thursday, October 23, 2014

Gynae Visit to See Olympia

Hello, Dear Olympia,
The visits to Dr. Yang have been scheduled every 2 weeks since the last visit, 
instead of every 4 weeks.
This means we'll be seeing you live, real soon.
Mummy wore a new dress today.
Last couple of weeks to wear this big dresses.
Then again, I'm always wearing big dresses.
Auntie Marian chose this for Mummy when Auntie Cyn took us to this shop
in Far East Plaza.
We waited quite a while at the clinic and so, 
Papa and I decided (no, rather I asked Papa) to take photos.
Mummy lost another kg (yeah!) with the strict diet,
so the nett gain for Mummy is now 6kg.
At the same time, no worries, you are 2.2kg and will be 32 weeks this Saturday.
Dr, Yang also said that by the end of Nov, she will be able to give a rough date of your delivery.
It will definitely be much earlier than the given EDD of Dec 20.

We headed to Thomson for lunch and of course Mummy had to stick to the healthy diet.
Well, I'm getting used to it.
As for you, please grow well and strong!

Lots Love, Muaks!

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