Wednesday, October 22, 2014

More new clothes for you, Olympia.

Hello, Olympia, 

It's Deepavali (Public Holiday)  today but both mummy and papa decided to teach because the exams are nearing for all your kor kors and jie jies and papa had some replacement classes to conduct. 

I know it's not your fault, but mummy is really feeling the backaches, rib pains and stuff. Well, Dr. Yang says it's absolutely normal. Please continue to flip, kick, swim, breakdance, whatever in me. Be active. We really can't wait to bring u for a swim. 

You are a very lucky and blessed girl to have all the aunties buying you tonnes of stuff all the time. Haha. Fashionista Auntie Shar is right on top of the chart. She keeps on buying clothes for you like how she kept on buying for Heather jie jie the last time. Lucky and blessed you are. 

Today, Auntie Jackie bought a dress from one of her favourite shops, which is also one of mummy's favourite! The dress is so me! I mean,  my style but for you. It's one of mummy's favourite colours, tutu style and bling bling! All rolled into one lovely dress! I'm sure you'll love it just like how mummy adores it. 

Papa and mummy will be visiting Dr. Yang tomorrow. See you during the scan. Please show us everything about you! 

Lots love. Muaks! 

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