Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hey, Olympia...

Hello Olympia,
I was trying to decide on a baby bag for you (ok, for me to carry)
and thought of using the B35 BUT
it is too heavy!
Decided not to, especially when I still have to carry you!
I have also stocked up your hankies, towels, blankets, etc.
They are soooooooo soft!
Love the little booties too.
Auntie Carlene helped to pick them up from the store.
I think one set of hankies and towel were picked up by her also.
Being the typical kiasu mummy,
I decided that one set is not going to be enough!
Well, so I rushed to the store and picked up another set!
In the meantime, I have found 2 suitable baby bags (from my current collection).
I will have to decide or well, maybe carry them alternatively?

Thank you to all the Aunties who have been pampering you!
Auntie Zoelyn bought you the track suit.
(ready for your swim training?)
And cute stuff Auntie Marj bought!
Lots more.
Sorry, I haven't been diligent in taking photos of all your new clothes
from the wonderful aunties.

Papa bought you this Hello Kitty.
It is so him to buy you this.
Hello Kitty in her swim wear and goggles!
I was surfing the net and remembered that I bought for Kyan kor kor
a BMW car and BMW bike to match your Godma Ni's BMW.
I must get you a Merc to match Papa's Merc!
(Too early? Opps)

I've been eating far too well and consuming far too much carbohydrates.
The sugar level shot up slightly higher than it should be.
Sorry, Olympia.
I've been conscientiously cutting down and counting carbs!
Look at mummy's healthy breakfast.
Love the new milk I've found!
Low in carbs and high in calcium.
Tasteless, yes but all for the good of you, and honestly
for mummy!
I've been losing weight as you gain.
Please do absorb everything that I am eating.

Since controlling my carbs and making sure I am consuming Low GI food,
I've lost a couple of kgs.
I am absolutely glad!
I even found some good and healthy snacks!
Missing the Essence of Chicken and I read the nutritional label.
Low carb!
Shall cook Essence of Chicken, Chicken!

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