Monday, November 10, 2014

Introducing your Kyan Kor Kor and Ashlyn Jie Jie to you, Olympia

Hello my dear very-active Olympia,
you are so active today!
Is the space too tight for you?

Anyway, mummy had a busy but happy day on Saturday.
You attended two parties with mummy and met mummy's godchildren, 
your Ashlyn Jie Jie and Kyan Kor Kor :)
Ashlyn Jie Jie will be in Primary One in 2015
and Kyan Kor Kor will be in Primary One in 2016!
See how pretty and handsome they are!

It was your Godmama Ni's youngest prince, King's 1st birthday
and we attended the party at C.A.N. Cafe.
Lovely party!

In the evening, we attended Meixian Jie Jie
 and Shaun Kor Kor's blessed matrimony.
Lovely place it was at Nosh.

You also get to meet all the lovely aunties, 
Auntie Cher, Auntie Sennett, Auntie Grace and Auntie Wendy.
Auntie Sennett is also expecting her princess!
Both of you should be born in the same month,
unless you arrive earlier!

Mummy's feet was extremely swollen today.
You also performed quite a bit of acrobatics in mummy's womb!
Do give mummy a bit of warning before you are rushing out!
Your papa is very nervous if it is too unexpected!

Lots love, my dear Olympia.

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