Friday, November 7, 2014

Mummy packed the hospital bag, Olympia!

Hello my dear Olympia!
Mummy was surfing the FB group for Dec 2014 Mummies 
and I saw that Auntie GT has popped on 5/11!
Like what popo told mummy past few days,
pack the bag!
Mummy finally packed the bag and will be leaving
it in the car!
I also did a check against Auntie NL's blog.
Quite the same! Hehe.
You know how chill and relax mummy is... so...
some of the things, mummy will get papa to buy
them from the hospital.
Well, I still have not decide on the outfit and matching slippers.
Haha :) well, you know, #vainmummy!

Today mummy and papa went shopping and bought 
you your first swimsuit!
Papa will start a new baby swim class in your name!
You will be the real life model!
There are so many other mummies asking for the class!
We also bought the Hello Kitty bedsheets for the queen bed
in your room, not that you will need the bed,
more for decorative purposes.

We also went to Ikea to get you some pink stuff
before we went for the Secret Garden Concert.
Love the concert!
Did you enjoy the music?
Your papa loves instrumental music.
Next time Yiruma is here, 
we shall go for it also!

These are the three songs that remind mummy of you.
We will have a new beginning soon :)

Prayers for you :)

This is also one of mummy's favourites.
Thank you for coming into our lives.
Thank you for the family that we have.
Popo and gong gong have given everything to mummy and jiu jiu.
Mummy and papa will give you everything too.
We must never take things for granted and put
in the most effort for the family.
You know mummy is not going to be the typical mummy
nor that kind who will stick to you ,
no matter how other mummies say mummy will change for you
once you are out.
Always know that mummy loves you and loves herself
(which is very important!)
Giving you 24/7 of my time doesn't make me the best mummy
nor NOT giving you 24/7 of the makes me the worst.
So you see, mummy doesn't allow people to judge and
when you grow up, you must not allow people's
judgement to make you feel bad too!

Thank you, Olympia.
Lots love.

PS: See you during the gynae visit's scan later!

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