Saturday, November 22, 2014

Thank You Phra Phrom for your Blessings and Protection

Dear Olympia,

We really have to thank Phra Phrom for the blessings and protection given to us this afternoon. 
Mummy sent Popo and Gong Gong to Katong and was on her way to fetch Papa after his Sengkang lessons. 
Everything was as usual... Until... 
Mummy turned into KPE and could not remember a single thing for a couple of seconds (I hope it wasn't minutes). 
It was like a complete blackout! 
When I 'regained consciousness'  / 'woke up', the car was cruising on the extreme left lane and swerving into the Hougang Town exit. 
I was in extreme shock and held on the the Phra Phrom that Mummy always wears. 
There were no cars at the back. 
There were many cars about 50 metres away from me at the fork. 
I literally, in shock, grabbed hold of the stirring wheel and managed to make a u-turn back to KPE to TPE.
I was still in shock and thankful that I did not crash into some cars or the road shoulder. 
Luckily also,  Papa text me at the time. 
When I reach the pool, he quickly took over the car (I guess that was the last time till 2015 that I'm allowed to drive) and whisked me off to eat. 
I had 5 pieces of sushi and some vanilla ice cream. 
Just trying to load on a bit. 
Totally breaking my no carb / sugar gdm diet. 
I don't know if it's the lack of carb / sugar OR anemic OR lack of oxygen suddenly OR whatever but it was scary! 
After that is totally 自暴自弃after大难不死。
I ate 2 Uggli Muffins and no,  I'm not going to do the prick test. 
Then again, OK,  I'll do. 
And regret after that for the outburst of sugar and continue / regain my no carbs / sugar gdm diet tomorrow. 
Olympia, Mummy is so glad we're safe and sound and really, in March we need to thank Phra Phrom properly and make merit in Thailand. 

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