Sunday, November 23, 2014

Just (a bit) emo(tional)...

Hello my dear girl,

Mummy left Popo & Gong Gong's house at 6+ to go to AMK HUB with the intention to buy the Silk Milk. 
I even set a reminder to bring the good ol' grocery bag (the pink travel line)  (better to use it then leave it to rot?) 
I got in the cab and suddenly felt very emo, so emo that I started crying! 
Maybe because I'm wearing the ring Popo gave me? 
Extra attachment? 
I used up the whole packet of tissue paper. 
Maybe because this is like the last Sunday I'll be back at Bedok to slack for the day till Dec 5.
Actually,  Tuesday, we'll be spending the night there also. 
I really don't know why so emo. 
Next Sunday, most probably we will be at home tidying and clearing the house for the final time (for your arrival.) 
Maybe because Mummy is already missing Popo &  Gong Gong. 
However, I think it's mainly the hormones! 
You will definitely be a bundle of joy and happiness for us and every one. 
Haha, maybe because mummy is going to share Popo and Gong Gong with u already! 
Just joking! 
See you on Dec 5, my dear Olympia, in just 12 days time. 
Shine on us and shine on Popo. 
I'm sure you'll bring us lots of blessings and love. 
You will be our Lucky Star. 

Lots love. 

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