Monday, November 17, 2014

Third Last Monday with Olympia in Me :)

 Hello my dear Olympia, 
Today is the third last Monday with you in Mummy ...
It's less than three weeks to your arrival!
You stroller was delivered today!
See how happy Papa is!

We had a great day out also ... 
Papa bought Mummy the yummy coconut drink.
I'm having this twice weekly.
After sending our car for servicing, 
we also watch Kung Fu Jungle.
Nice Kung Fu show ...
Now, Papa also wants you to learn Kung Fu?!

After the movie, we shopped a bit and also chilled out at Daiso,
Bought more stuff for you. (Never ending, I know right? :p)
Also bought something for your Fur Bro... Haha ...
Charcoal looks so adorable ya? Yes? 

We then had dinner with ZhiShin Jie Jie, Joee Kor Kor / Uncle and Wayne Kor Kor (I forgot his request to call him Kor Kor or Uncle)

You must be feeling very full now?
Mummy is!
In fact, we did not just have dinner.
We had steamboat dinner, lok lok as second round and finally at the finally-opened U Desserts!
Well, Mummy cannot have the usual sweet stuff and opted for Red Bean Paste :)
However, both feet are still swollen!

See you on December 5 morning my dear girl.

Lots Love!

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