Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Matching shoes for us, Olympia!

Hello dear Olympia, 
Mummy went on a short shopping trip with Meryl Jie Jie & Mermaid Jie Jie on Sunday.
Thanks to Meryl Jie Jie and her birthday discount of 20%, 
we saved quite a bit!
Got you a pair of matching shoes with Mummy.
So bling, right!
It might take a while before you can wear them,
but well, we will just admire them first :)

Mummy also sent her new sandals to resole.
There is no way I can wear it now.
Maybe after confinement or during CNY, 
Mummy can wear it.
How nice if they have a kid's version!
I will definitely get it for you,
really such a pity that they don't.

Mummy also collected her hairclip.
Again, thanks to Meryl Jie Jie who reserved and collected and paid first for Mummy.
Such a lovely hair clip right.
It is still a tad too big for you,
Mummy will borrow it from you first ok :p
Well, everything that Mummy has will go to you anyway :)
Of course, you must also learn to earn your keep in future.

See you in 16 days time!

Lots Love!

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