Thursday, November 20, 2014

You are 35 Weeks + 6 Days, Olympia!

Hello my dear,

We just returned from Gleneagles to our place... 
Was tempted to swim but the sun is scorching... So... NO... Haha. 
Next time when you are training under Papa, make sure you apply lots of sunscreen. 
I don't know if SunPlay will still sponsor us, but no matter what, I'll buy you lots of sunscreen. 
Otherwise, Popo will also. 
Already I've prepared for you baby organic sunscreen from Meixian Jie Jie's shop. 
Anyway,  mummy gained a bit of weight... 
Well, you gained too. 
I wonder if it has to do with the swollen feet also. 
So much water in my feet! 
Received a parcel today and I totally forgot what I ordered! 
Tore it open and well, it's another of your onsie :p
I actually bought a bigger size but I think, you can wear it earlier than expected. 
Keep growing, Olympia. 
You're now 3.2kg!
Grow well and grow strong! 
See you next week and see you on Dec 5! 

Lots love. 

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