Monday, December 29, 2014

First Tummy Time on 28 Dec 2014

Brought Olympia back to Bedok yesterday to visit.
Glad that she brought smiles to everyone at home.
It so happened we had guests at home also.
Mum was tired and took her nap.
With Olympia awake, Laogong and I decided to have Olympia's first tummy time!
I tried to entice her with a new bag in order to make tummy time successful.
Ok, I am joking.
The bag is for her to keep all her ang baos during CNY.
Ok, I am not joking :p

Olympia managed to lift her head up quite quickly and unexpectedly.
So much so that we did not manage to capture the moment.
(Also because we were too happy and clapping for her).
Laogong tried to do a theory lesson for her.
Teaching her how to 'bend-open-close', 
getting her ready for swimming!
Congratulations, my dear Olympia, on your first successful tummy time.
Strong neck you have!
Laogong went Bangkok to conduct a lesson today.
I tried another session of tummy time with Olympia and she managed to do it again!
Manage to capture the picture today!
Good job, Olympia!

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