Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lovely Afternoon...

It's Olympia's mummy here. 
Haha. I've been blogging in Olympia's perspective sometimes, so I better make it clear... 

I'm home alone with Olympia. 
She had her milk at 1pm while we lunched. 
While laogong went to Vibes to fix up the curtains, I started on some admin work for 2015. 
I'm feeling 90% OK from the cesarean delivery. 
(though I think it takes up to 6 months for complete healing) 
The mood is also up and (touchwood)  no more hormonal emotions. 
It could also be due to the massive online shopping (and receiving of them). 
Thank you, Laogong. 
You've been paying and paying and encouraging me to spend (haha) for the past few months while I spend and spend. 

At 4pm, our dear Olympia was hungry and I stopped work, started drama and fed her. I can so get used to such routine :) Love her satisfied look. Shall continue with my drama and a bit of online shopping while she doze... 

Oh yes! Just a reminder:

Dear Parents and Children, 

I'm working out the schedule and will be sending them to you (via WhatsApp)  soon. (Workaholic? Sorry children, I can't wait to start solving Mathematics sums and all the other papers!) All lessons resume 17 Jan (Sat).  I'm all ready to go! Those who have yet to confirm classes / subjects, let me know real soon as some classes are full and I have no other available slots because I need to keep those slots for Olympia :) 

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